Elite Dance Company of Texas

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Studio Policies 



As with any program, steady attendance is a requirement for success. Failure to attend classes may lead to an adjustment in level.  

Guardians are responsible for communicating absences to the dance studio director or dance instructor. 

Any student who misses 2 consecutive weeks may be required to forfeit their class space.  

Excessive tardiness and/or absences could result in removal from classrecital pieces, and performances.  

Dress rehearsals are mandatory for recital participation. Any student who misses dress rehearsals will not be allowed to perform at recitals.



*Beginning August 1st, 2021, EDCT will require quarterly and/or semester commitments for all Students enrolled in Classical Studio instruction. Month-to-Month enrollment will no longer be offered. Payment structure, schedule, and tuition options will be posted July 2021.*


Until August 1st, 2021: Class Tuition is drawn automatically on the 5th of each calendar month. EDCT Staff must be notified IN WRITING by the 1st of the month if student(s) will be withdrawing from EDCT studio instruction. Verbal requests will not be honored (this includes telling a staff member verbally in-person or leaving text or voicemail messages). Any cancellation request made after the 1st will be applied to the following month.

Late fees will be applied to all accounts that are not paid in full by the 10th of each month (unless prior arrangement has been made with EDCT staff). 

Proration is available if student(s) is enrolled mid-month. Please see EDCT staff at front desk for proration information upon signup.

If a class, camp, or any other special event does not meet its required minimum for student enrollment then that class/camp/event will be cancelled. Enrolled student(s) will be reassigned to another class of like kind. EDCT reserves the right to cancel, reschedule, and/or change offered genres, curriculums, or formats at will. 

No refunds are given.     


Make-up Classes:   

A student is only allowed 1(ONE) Make-Up class per month per format.  

There are absolutely NO refunds/reimbursements nor can missed classes be applied to subsequent month(s) tuition.  



Promptness is VERY important and tardiness is a major disruption to instruction already in progress. 

Dancers need adequate time in order to be physically and mentally prepared for the demands of the dance class. 

Students who arrive more than 15 minutes late may be asked to observe class. 

Just as late arrival is disruptive, pulling students out of class prior to dismissal is equally disruptive to the student, other students, and to the lesson-in-progress. Students should come to class prepared to participate for the entire duration of class. Students who are continually late or pulled out of instruction early may be required to forfeit their class space. 



At Elite, our primary goal is for your children to have fun while learning dance technique and strong work ethic. We expect all dancers to show respect to themselves, each other, and all instructors and EDCT employees.  

Be prepared for class: Proper dress code is required for ALL dance classes.  

Hair must be pulled up and secured back. Ballet students must wear hair in a bun.  

Use the restroom PRIOR to class.  

No cell phones in the dance studio (all personal items must be kept in a dance bag and stored in a cubby).

No gum, food, or beverage other than water will be allowed in class. 

NO TALKING in class without instructor permission.  

Reverence will be observed at the end of class and before dismissal.  

NO RUNNING, YELLING, OR ROUGH PLAY in any area of the studio. 

If ill, do not come to class.  

No gossip, no obscene language, or inappropriate conversations. 

It is the dancer’s responsibility to manage their time so that dance, schoolwork, and outside activities do not conflict. 



dance company of IrvingClassical Dress Code 




Black Leotard: Tank, Short Sleeve, or Long Sleeve all ok 


ShoesPink Split-Sole Ballet Slippers (Common Reliable Brands: Bloch, Capezio, Stelle, Danskin) 

Hair: In ponytail or bun with hair up & away from the face 

No jewelry 



Black Shorts: Compression, Running Tights, or Spandex all ok 

White shirt: Plain white shirt only (no logos or pictures) tucked into shorts 

White socks: thin socks with Lycra or material which makes the sock appear thin and close-fitting to the foot 

Shoes: Black Split-Sole Ballet Slippers (Common Reliable Brands: Bloch, Capezio, Stelle, Danskin) 

Intermediate Level and Above: Dance Belt (Athletic Support for Male Dancers) 

Hair pulled back if past chin-length 

No Jewelry  

Ballet Irving TX 



Girls & Boys: 

Leotard (any color or pattern, no pop-culture references or statements that may distract from instruction), or, fitted dance top tucked into fitted shorts or full-length opaque tights (Lycra, Spandex all ok). No Jewelry. 


Girls Shoes: Black Mary-Jane Style tap shoes (Reliable brands: Bloch & Capezio) 


Boys ShoesBlack Tic Tap Toe Style tap shoes (Reliable brand: Capezio) 

*Note: Tap Shoes should allow a snug, comfortable fit that’s not too tight or too loose. Please have your child’s foot measured and fitted properly.  

Tap Irving TX 





Girls & Boys: 

Leotard (any color or pattern, no pop-culture references or statements that may distract from instruction), or, fitted dance top tucked into fitted shorts or full-length opaque tights (Lycra, Spandex all ok). No Jewelry.  


Girls & Boys Jazz Shoes: 

Black Split-Sole Jazz Shoes (Reliable Brands: Bloch & Capezio) 

Jazz Irving TX 




Girls & Boys 

Comfortable, easy to move in clothing such as athletic shorts, sweatpants, or other similar athletic wear. Tank tops and form fitting shirts.  


Girls & Boys Shoes:  

Black Split-Sole Dance Sneakers (Reliable Brands: Bloch & Capezio) 


Hair: Up and away from the face. 


Girls & Boys: NO ultra-baggy clothing, no jeans, no jean shorts, no jewelry, no Crocs or Flip-FlopsNo pop culture references or messages on clothing that may distract from instruction. 

hip hop Irving TX