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About Us
Irving Ballet Lessons

Elite Dance Company of Texas Owner, CEO, & Artistic Director, Tiffany Knowlton, is a student and instructor of dance for over 30 years. Tiffany decided it was time to provide a space in the local community where the top Classical Dance and Dance Fitness instructors can come together and provide an Elite experience to the public.

It is our desire at Elite Dance Company of Texas to see our students reach their full potential in every genre and format.  Our goal is not only to teach a student how to dance - but to fall in love with the Art of Dance. With a wide variety of classes we are able to provide options for every individual.
Our staff is trained to administer a dynamic, enriching, and fun environment within their lessons and classes - for students of ALL ages and dance levels. Our atmosphere is one of excellence, artistry, performance, and FUN!

We are excited to dance with you and look forward to serving our Elite Dance Company of Texas community!

12:00PM - 3:00PM
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